About Lumina

LUMINA is Holy Name University's peer-reviewed, scholarly, and interdisciplinary research Journal. It publishes refereed articles once a year with a vision of trail blazing research excellence in the Philippines and across the globe. It invites submission of articles from scholars within the Philippines and countries around the globe.

LUMINA is a Latin word which means light or illumination. It serves as the researchers' light as they seek the truth and society's illumination when faced with tough challenges.

ISSN: 2094-1188

DISCLAIMER: Publication of any articles by authors in LUMINA does not necessarily mean that the journal, publisher, editors, or any of the editorial board members or those who serve as peer reviewers approve, endorse or suggest the content. Publishing decisions are solely based on scholarly evaluations. The views, opinions, findings, interpretations, conclusion, and other statements in this publication are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the publishers.

The current Issue is linked and a continuation of LUMINA 2014 issue.