LUMINA Volume 25 No. 1

Writing and Reading the Twilight Series: Discovering Some Implicit Worlds

by Ferdinand D Dagmang

This article describes the internal and external processes and processes of writing and reading through the unearthing of internal and external structures imposed on writers, readers, and texts. Specifically, it looks into various interlocking coordinates present in the relationships between writer/reader, context, text, and the socio-psycho dynamics involved in such relationships. This is done through an examination of the processes of writing and reading of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. By looking into various realities connected with the writing and reading of Meyer's fiction, this essay offers some insights into the nature of writing and reading itself, as well as into the character of the author and readers. By delving into such writing-reading elements, the expressive, affective and objective aspects of literary works are also given more flesh.

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